The Love Wave

Dear friends,

The Next Intention Experiment:  The Love Wave

Saturday, December 11, 2010
12 noon US Eastern Time

Can we create a wave of love?   Join us to test the power of love to heal water - and change the ambient Field


On Saturday, December 11, 2010, we will be testing the power of love to alter the molecular structure of the water, its pH and the bacterial content "" and affect the ambient field. Our community of thousands of people from countries all over the globe will take part.

Join us to test whether we can use intention to purify water - and make love contagious.

Time of experiment in other time zones:
9   AM December 11 US Pacific Time
10 AM December 11 Mountain Time
11 AM December 11 Central time
5   PM December 11 UK time (and GMT)
6   PM December 12 Rest of Europe
4   AM December 12 Sydney Australia
For other time zones, please consult:

Mark this down and tell your friends. 

How to participate

Remember: in order to participate here's what you have to do:

1. Register TODAY. (The site gets very busy on the day of the experiment, so register now, so that you can just use your password to get in.) If you have not registered for our Clean Water experiments before, please do so by signing in on If you have already registered, you will be able to use your old password to login.
2. Note down the date and time. Besides marking down December 11th on your calendar, please note the time zones in your area:
      9   AM December 11 US Pacific Time
      10 AM December 11 Mountain Time
      11 AM December 11 Central time
      5   PM December 11 UK time (and GMT)
      6   PM December 12 Rest of Europe
      4   AM December 12 Sydney Australia
      For other time zones, please consult:
      Tell all your likeminded friends to register, too, so they can participate.
3. Practice POWERING UP - the program I developed to maximize your intention skills. For best results, please consult The Intention Experiment book (and if you don't have it yet, do consider getting hold of it). Purchasing the book also helps to support our work.
4. On the date of the experiment, come onto the site:
. Login early "" even an hour before the experiment is due to begin. You can always leave your computer and come back before we're due to begin. But that way you won't have trouble logging in once the experiment starts.

5. If you have problems on the day, email our web team: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.. Our team will send you the URL to go to directly.
6. Five minutes before the experiment is due to begin, get into your highly focused POWERING UP state.
7. Follow instructions to the letter. After the powering up session, the pages will flip over and you'll read a description of the intention. The pages will then flip over again and you'll be told to hold a particular intention for 10 minutes. Music will also play during that time. At the end of the 10 minutes, the page should flip over to signal that the Intention Experiment is over.
8. Don't attempt to change pages. Our web team will automatically flip the pages over for you.

9. Notice how you are feeling during the experiment. I am as interested in any changes in the intenders as I am in the target itself. I will survey you in a few weeks.

10. Click on the button to join the lively community discussion afterward:
Tell our community from 90 countries around the world how it was for you.

The Love Wave

Several weeks ago, in Riccione in Italy, when I was a speaker at the Reconnection Mastery Conference, I heard about new equipment devised by Russian physicist Konstantin Korotkov.

As you may remember, Korotkov, a professor at St. Petersburg Technical University, invented the Elecrophotonic Imaging (EPI)/ Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technique, which makes use of state-of-the-art optics, digitized television matrices and a powerful computer.

Ordinarily, as we know from the work of Fritz Albert Popp, living things send out a tiny current of photons, perceptible only to the most sensitive equipment in conditions of utter pitch black.

As Korotkov realized, a better way to capture this light was to stir up photons by 'evoking', or stimulating them into an excited state so that they shine millions of times more intensely than normal.

To read more about The Love Wave experiment in Lynne's latest blog, please follow this link.

Intention of the Week: Bimkubwa Thandiwe
Sunday, December 5, 2010
1 pm US Eastern ST

Send intention to heal her breast cancer

Bimkubwa Thandiwe , known as 'Cest'ci,' is 56 and lives in Inglewood, California. She was diagnosed two years ago with breast cancer. She went through surgery and chemo/radiation treatment.

She recently found out that she has several cells in various areas of her body. She is going to start another round of chemo treatment. 

As her friend Patricia Mack said, she "could use intention intervention help."

Please join us on this site on Sunday, December 5, 2010 at 1 pm US Eastern ST and hold the following intention:

'My intention is for Bimkubwa Thandiwe (Cest'ci) to be healed of all cancer and to be healthy and well in every way.'

The most important conversation you will ever hear about cancer

Join me 1 pm US Eastern ST on Sunday, December 12, 2010 for a special 90-minute teleseminar with one of the world's foremost cancer pioneers, whose treatment has saved thousands

I'm kicking off the first of our special Teleseminars on successful ways of treating cancer with a conversation with one of the doctors I admire most in the world, whose cancer treatments have saved thousands of lives.

Dr. Patrick Kingsley, a British medical pioneer of what he calls 'The New Medicine,' has successfully treated thousands of people with 'no-hoper' diseases like cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Kingsley believes that the body has the capacity to heal itself of any disease, which is always caused by a faulty immune system. 

He focuses on strengthening the immune system so that the body successfully fights its own disease.  People have flown in from all over the world to be treated by Dr. Kingsley, who was known by his village as the 'miracle worker'. 

I observed over the years that Dr. Kingsley lost very few of his thousands of cancer patients.  And now, for the first time, Dr. Kingsley is prepared to share his secrets with our audience in an in-depth discussion (chaired by me) of how you can win the war on cancer

In this 90-minute special event, you will learn:

"¢ Which treatments really work

"¢ Why vitamin C is one of the most potent weapons we have

"¢ Why his 'New Medicine' is so powerful and how it works against cancer

"¢ Which life-saving regimes will successfully fight your cancer  - and where to find them

"¢ Which treatments you can carry out yourself

"¢ The positive and successful things you can do for those with cancer

"¢ Which lifestyle decisions will help you never to become a cancer victim

"¢ How to avoid a 'cancer personality'
"¢ Why you must never accept a death sentence

For more information or to book your place, please go to:
Please note Intention Experiment Plan members, as this is not an Intention Experiment teleseminar, it is not included in the price of your membership.

I look forward to joining you on our Intention Experiment December 11. Don't forget to register "" and to tell your friends.  Let's start a love wave in the world.

Warmest wishes,

Lynne McTaggart